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Home staging, what is it ?

Home staging consists to highlight a property with the aim of selling it faster and at the best price.

The concept is born 30 years ago in the U.S.A. Barb Schwarz, real estate agent passionate by decoration, noticed that when she spent time arranging a house before the visit of potential buyers, the transaction occurred more quickly.

Generally, it is during the first 90 seconds of a visit that a potential buyer makes its opinion and might fall in love with the property. Undeniably, the buyers are influenced by the home decoration. A property pleases when the buyer, upon his arrival, is attracted by the property and could imagine living in it.

Home staging consists in making more attractive a property, mainly by clearing it up in order to highlight the volumes, by depersonalizing it, harmonizing and refitting it.

Far from aiming to decorate your property, home staging attempts to “neutralize” the house to ensure it attracts a maximum of visitors.

The advantages of Home staging:

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